With CONNECT, you receive support for EMIS reporting, utilizing a variety of fiscal solutions and student information systems, including Infinite Campus, PowerSchool, and ProgressBook.

Providing Customers with EMIS Support

CONNECT provides EMIS consulting, support, and processing services. Members of the EMIS team also include staff members from CONNECT’s Student Systems and Fiscal Systems departments. These individuals provide application-specific EMIS support services as part of our supported applications.

CONNECT currently provides in-district EMIS processing services. This is a full-time EMIS Coordination Service. The individual is a CONNECT employee that is assigned to the school district. EMIS processing services are available on a short-term basis as well as on a long-term basis to meet the needs of the local school district.

EMIS Services

Extended EMIS Services

  • Data Analysis Services
  • Data Monitoring and Mentoring Support
  • Coordinator Transition Services and Onboarding Support

Staffing and Consulting Services

  • EMIS Coordination Plan Selection and Implementation
  • EMIS Custom Designed Services

Point-in-Time Data Evaluation

  • EMIS Data Audit

Data Connections Services

  • District Data Team Design and Development

Cross-Functional Team Collaboration

  • Work Collaboratively with Administration
  • Work Collaboratively with Fiscal Services
  • Work Collaboratively with Student Services
  • Work Collaboratively with Technical Services

Cross-Functional Team Collaboration

  • EMIS Network
  • Seminars with Policy and Subject Matter Experts
  • Multi-level EMIS Academies