With CONNECT, your student data is secure and you have a wide range of choices with the number of products our experienced staff support.

Providing Customers with Student Services

CONNECT offers you unlimited support and professional development. We support the Infinite Campus, ProgressBook, and PowerSchool student information systems, integrated teacher gradebooks, and parent access websites.

We also support two IEP solutions: SameGoal and the ProgressBook Special Services module. CONNECT distinguishes ourselves from other ITC sites by its ability to develop and maintain custom interfaces to these systems.

Student Services

Student Information Systems

  • FrontLine: ProgressBook Suite
  • Infinite Campus
  • PowerSchool
    • All offering…
      • SIS package
      • Gradebook
      • State reporting
      • 24/7 parent/student access
      • Scheduling
      • Reports

EMIS Support

  • Expert-level Ohio state EMIS (Education Management Information System) support and timely training opportunities

Special Education and Special Programs

  • Secure, web-based solutions allow users to create and manage student forms, including IEP, ETR, WEP, WAP, 504 plans, service plans, progress reports, and more
  • SpecialServices: ProgressBook’s integrated special education module, in Class and Refresh versions
  • SameGoal: Special education solution that supports integration features with both ProgressBook and PowerSchool
  • PowerSchool Performance Matters: Support of this powerful program for analytical data

Professional Development

  • CONNECT Learning Communities: Workshops and programs specific to software, programs and systems training
  • Knowledge Networks: Collaborate with colleagues in other districts and schools to learn new practices in education that will guide future innovations